The Conservative Political Action Conference  (“CPAC”) is the annual host to the most significant gathering of conservatives, sponsored by the American Conservative Union.

CPAC is a Menagerie of the prominent proponents of constitutional conservatism, liberty, and principled leadership. It the wall of defense against the inevitable tyranny of a large centralized government, operated by a liberal bureaucracy gone wild.

Here are five reasons CPAC matters to the nation to conservatives and citizens.

#1 – CPAC Refocuses Conservatives on our Core Principles

Each year CPAC draws hundreds of conservatives to its educational conference. Keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and support services provide attendees with information and training designed to keep the conservative movement focused on its core principles.

Conservative political leaders make themselves available for interviews, panels, question and answer session, addressing a range of subjects of concern to the voting public.

The CPAC event reinforces the right to life, free speech, limited government, freedom of worship, the right to assemble, Ameican sovereignty, the importance of the Judeo-Christian doctrines as a basis for law, immigration, legislation, and so much more.

#2 – CPAC Defends the 2nd Amendment with Unflinching Dedication

The National Rifle Association (“NRA”) is always center-stage at CPAC, providing constant support to Americans who realize the importance of our right to keep and bear arms.

Through the auspices of CPAC, attendees and all Americans are provided with resources and training and education opportunities designed to protect us from the erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights.

Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, updates conference attendees on the current threats to our 2nd Amendment rights, highlighting the programs available to all Americans to learn about the proper management of weapons and why they are important to freedom and law and order.

#3 – CPAC Lobby’s for Legislation that will Keep Guns out of the Hands of Dangerous People

This year, CPAC renewed its call for keeping weapons out of the hands of the dangerously mentally ill. CPAC, contrary to the media, liberal Democrats (that’s all of them), is a strong advocate of tightening loopholes that will prevent the mentally ill from purchasing and even accessing weapons.

Unfortunately, the progressives have spent the past 40 years attempting to convince us that the mentally ill pose no threat to Americans. We know differently. The list of killers is made up of those troubled individuals with deep mental issues. Their access to weapons by which they have slaughtered politicians, theatre-goers, bible study groups, and school children must end.

CPAC supports the protection of our school children from killers, armed with weapons and unimpeded access to classrooms.

#4 – CPAC Offers Numerous Training and Support Services to Individuals and Organizations

The 2018 CPAC agenda is not only a power-packed list of whos-who Conservative leaders but also an opportunity for attendees to become educated on the political and social issues of our day.

CPAC can help any conservative or conservative organization with training. The 2018 CPAC Activism agenda included relative topics, such as,

  • Make Activism Great Again: 5 Activism Ideas for 2018
  • Hold Free Speech Censors Accountable on Campus
  • Building Your Online Community with Facebook Groups
  • How to Make National News as a Citizen Journalist
  • Lobbying Your Elected Officials

iVoteAmerica is in attendance at CPAC 2018, taking advantage of the training, support, and access offered to us.

Check out the CPAC 2018 speakers list.

#5 – CPAC is the Nation’s First Line of Defense for the Bill of Rights

The secular, left-leaning media and political forces are hell bent minimizing speech, states rights, open markets, the free exercise of religion are all under assault.

Our most basic rights are spelled out in the Bill of Rights, and it is these rights that have been under attack by progressives for nearly 100 years.

Family, faith, individual responsibility, free markets, respect for the flag, the national anthem, our national and individual sovereignty, and liberty and justice for all. These are the principles CPAC defends.

CPAC is a moment each year where all of our freedoms can be addressed, and fake politicians and phony policies exposed for what they are.

iVoteAmerica supports the great work of American Conservative Union and the opportunity to gather each year at CPAC to recalculate our determination to defend liberty.V

Visit the CPAC Website, watch the videos and, when able, sign up for CPAC 2019